The Palgrave Handbook of African Oral Traditions and Folklore (eds. Akintunde Akinyemi & Toyin Falola)

Offers a complete, deep, and innovative analysis of oral traditions and folklore in Africa and among Africans in the diaspora

Asses the current and historical dynamics between oral traditions and folklore, illustrating how the nature of oral transmission of cultural heritage and folklore is simultaneously vital to the livelihood of tradition while also at the heart of the issues that surround their diminished role in an increasingly globalized society

Creates a comprehensive, multidisciplinary, and well-researched collection of essays covering different aspects of African oral traditions and folklore

Provides fresh insights into new discourses and intellectual development in African oral traditions and folklore occasioned by new directions in development studies, globalization and some other critical issues raised by the diaspora

Centers theoretical debates on such topics as the collective or communal character of oral cultures, the relationship between tradition and individual talent, and the unique circumstances required for traditions to emerge

Establishes a reference for comparative analysis and ongoing debates in Africanist discourse on gender, class, ethnicity, language, and cultural nationalism.