Afrikaanse Letterkunde: Tradities, genres, auteurs en ontwikkelingen

Afrikaanse letterkunde, published in May 2019, is a brand new edition at Amsterdam University Press. Mineke Schipper first published the book in 1983 and then in an updated version in 1990.

The new AUP edition was co-written by Mineke Schipper, Daniela Merolla and Inge Brinkman and is so far the one and only handbook of African literature in the Dutch language. It includes new developments in African literatures over the last 25 years, information on literature in African languages, and it explores the literary connections between Africa south of the Sahara and North-Africa.

In June 2019, the book received very favorable reviews in one of the major Dutch national newspapers, Trouw: “It is not easy to present the ever-expanding literatures of the entire African continent in 350 pages. Three scholars take the risk, and this provides good reading tips. By the abundance of knowledge, a beautiful monument for African literatures.”

Publisher: Amsterdam University Press (2019).