Flights and accommodation

Ibadan 2018: Impor­tant infor­ma­tion about flights, ground trav­el, and accommodation.

Flights and air­port pickup

All par­tic­i­pants for ISOLA 2018, from out­side Nige­ria, should book direct flight to Mur­ta­la Mohammed Inter­na­tion­al Air­port (IATA Code: LOS), LAGOS, Nige­ria.  The LOC will assist par­tic­i­pants who will be com­ing from out­side Nige­ria with Air­port pick­up on ARRIVAL date: Mon­day 09 July, 2018, only.

Two bus­es sta­tioned at the air­port will con­vey par­tic­i­pants from Lagos to Ibadan, which is a dis­tance of 150km. A con­fer­ence offi­cial with a bold ban­ner (ISOLA 2018) will be there at the Arrivals hall to guide par­tic­i­pants to the buses.

Morn­ing pick­up is at 11:00am (local time), and evening pick­up is 5:30pm. A sim­i­lar arrange­ment will be avail­able for DEPARTURE DATE of 13 July, 2018. The actu­al depar­ture time from Ibadan to Lagos will be deter­mined and announced dur­ing the conference.

Any par­tic­i­pant whose itin­er­ary does not fit into this arrange­ment will have to make a pri­vate arrange­ment at per­son­al cost. But we strong­ly encour­age atten­dees to make every effort to fit their arrivals to the two depar­ture times on Mon­day 9 July. We do not encour­age night trav­el. If your plane is arriv­ing after 5:30pm, please plan to spend the night in Lagos. The LOC can assist with fur­ther infor­ma­tion on the pri­vate logis­tic arrange­ment, but it’s imper­a­tive that you noti­fy the LOC of your itin­er­ary in advance.

Please email your itin­er­aries to LOC con­tacts Profs. Ade­mo­la O. Dasyl­va:  (+234 802–350-4755) and Bola Sotun­sa:

Hotel accom­mo­da­tion

The LOC has put in place spe­cial arrange­ments with three Hotels, two are with­in the Uni­ver­si­ty of Ibadan, UI Hotels, and Ade­bayo Akande Halls; and Bible Guest House. Please find below the hotel tariffs:

  1. Ade­bayo Akande Halls (Man­age­ment con­tact: +234(0)805 6998720; e-mail:

Pre­mi­um Clas­sic (15 rooms avail­able) @ ₦8,000 per night
Deluxe Clas­sic (4 rooms avail­able) @ ₦9,000 per night
Deluxe (2 rooms avail­able) @ ₦11, 700 per night.
Exec­u­tive Deluxe (6 rooms avail­able) @ ₦13,000 per night.

Since there are lim­it­ed spaces, avail­abil­i­ty of rooms shall be on first come-first served basis. By spe­cial arrange­ment with the LOC, the man­age­ment of the Hotel allows pair­ing in any of the rooms such that the 2 occu­pants share the cost. How­ev­er, par­tic­i­pants will have to noti­fy the hotel both direct­ly and through ISOLA LOC., well ahead of time.

  1. Bible Soci­ety House  (Man­age­ment con­tact: +234(0)815 909 4141)

Tar­iff: Break­fast inclusive

Sin­gle Room: ₦7,600, includ­ing ₦1,000 refund­able secu­ri­ty deposit
Exec­u­tive Room: ₦9,600, includ­ing ₦1,000 refund­able secu­ri­ty deposit
Dou­ble Room: ₦12,900, includ­ing ₦1,000 refund­able secu­ri­ty deposit
Suite: ₦20,100, includ­ing ₦2,000 refund­able secu­ri­ty deposit
* No smok­ing, and no alco­hol drink is allowed in the hotel.
* Reser­va­tions must be con­firmed with full deposit at least 48 hours before check-in date.
* Only sin­gles of same sex or legal­ly mar­ried cou­ples are allowed to share a room.

  1.   UI Hotels (Man­age­ment con­tact: +234(0)7084000002)

Accom­mo­da­tion Tar­iff: 15% Ser­vice charge and VAT inclusive

Deluxe: ₦12,000. Please add ₦3,000 Secu­ri­ty Deposit
Stan­dard: ₦15,000.  Please add ₦3,000 Secu­ri­ty Deposit
Roy­al Exec­u­tive: ₦20,000.  Please add ₦3,000 Secu­ri­ty Deposit
Spe­cial King Bed: ₦22,000.  Please add ₦3,000 Secu­ri­ty Deposit
Roy­al Suite: ₦27,000. Please add ₦5,000 Secu­ri­ty Deposit
Exec­u­tive Suite: ₦30,000. Please add ₦5,000 Secu­ri­ty Deposit


Exchange Rate: The Niger­ian Naira is ₦360 to $1
Major Cred­it Cards accept­ed; ATM’s available